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Born from the ashes of the Old World, you were destined to rule. Destined to bring ambitious glory to a people who have otherwise only known strife. Using your loyal subjects as tools, you must devise a way to save Khairos from its impending demise.

Long ago, the Gods of the Realms had decided that the world was beyond redemption. What few followers they deemed important enough were collected and the Gods fled Khairos to its destruction. Before they did, a mortal hero of unknown origin struck a bargain plea with the Gods; Give Khairos one century to unite and band under a common banner. The Gods agreed, some say more out of entertainment rather than love, and thus the world was given a final chance at survival. Godless and fearing the impending doom, the world struggled and fought for survival as the higher powers watched from atop temporary thrones.

Three quarters of a century later, you pick up your mantle and right to rule. With only twenty five years remaining, you are faced with difficult odds and adversity before the supposed apocalypse arrives. You must succeed, if not for your people then for your own soul. For when the final year has passed… May the reckoning have mercy on your poor souls.


Factions of Khairos

House Vitulus - Renowned and prestigious human noble house focused around a powerful militaristic culture. The members of this house never forget those who offend. When needed, they hold the strongest of grudges and strike swiftly with vengeance just when time is sweetened for their righteous justice.


House Rehder – This house is most well known for the common case of fervent rage in its line. Often mistaken by their enemies as a weakness, they are usually provoked. To their enemies' great surprise, the rage of this house only fuels a greater more dedicated and organized attack. Anger is not a weakness of House Rehder, it is its blessing.


House Bayar – Independent and well organized in their lands, House Bayar are often called upon as difficult allies. The members of Bayar hold their allies to a strict standard, and when they prove incapable the house is often absent for their failures. Usually content with lands they slowly carve, this house has much experience with holding their property from foreign forces.


House Asturias – An honorable house, the members of House Asturias are open minded and free thinking on their island homes. Practitioners of the magical practices are often welcomed as advisers and influential figures within the court. The house can at times seem distant from the troubles of the main-landers.


House Van Zeelen – Faithful and studious, House Van Zeelen is well known for their pure bloodline. Glowing with religious fervor, the house is guided by the house's guardian angel. Emphemera, one of the final angels of the Gods, protects House Van Zeelen and often acts as the religious head for the house. Many enemies to the house consider the angel a wild farce, that the Gods has truly left mortals to themselves and no angel remains to guide. House_Van_Zeeken.png



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